Computer engineer

Kjartan Akil Jónsson

Pre Current Post


Iceland born, half Indien male came screaming into this world in 1976. Moved shortly there after to Sweden where I spent 9 years in Bro, Stockholm.

Later relocated to Iceland where after three years we returned to Sweden, this time Nybro. There I went to school in Madesjöskolan and Åkrahäll skolan learning merchandising until my graduation at 18.

Shortly there after I pursued my interest in computers and computer programming. That resulted in further education in Linköping. I receaved work at Ecosoft AB around 1995 where we created business related software. In the mean time I continued learning physics, chemistry and math in UBG.

Moved to Iceland for a change of scenery and worked for Memphis Ehf porting their Survey Explorer to an applet version.


Later I worked for Modernus Ehf producing, a centralized independent web page counter for the Icelandic advertisment companies.

Move to NovaMedia due to a luring  offer producing graphics / video, related applications that is used by the banks in relation to their queue system.

Invested three years in University of Iceland learning computer engineering in department of Computer Science where I recently receaved the title of computer engineer.

My BS research was related to artificial intelligence in conjunction with adaptable game systems using physics (downloadable here).

Worked as production manager for E.C Software with 100 employees in Iceland, Sweden, India and Chech repulblic. Where main responsibility was in streamlining the manufacturing process and communication between departments.

Recently graduated from University of Iceland with Master degree in Computer Science where my thesis was on creating a "3D framework for machine learning". The thesisposter and offline project is available on this site.