The Fly on the Wall



The fly on the wall game is about a fly trying to survive one more day of its life. You control the fly that is trapped with an human-being. It is either you or him. You must use yourself as bait as the your enemy tries to destroy you he actually destroys himself.


Concept concieved and developed by Kjartan Akil (kajjak) Jónsson with help from

  • Halldór Grétar Svansson, Level Modeler
  • Elísabet Ýr Atladóttir, Character Modeler
  • Tryggvi Hákonarson, Character and fly scripter
  • Polina (Bambi) Bokhan, Maya Character Rigger
  • Esben Jespersen, Character walk animation

The postmortem is available here.

Current version is under development but can be played here:


The entire game is controlled using the mouse except for escaping to main menu (use ESC). Left mouse button will make the fly fly off. To gather food and bacteria the fly must land on the item. To place pathogen onto human the fly must land on him.

Old version uses my own game engine (which you may use for your self for any project you like).

Download MSI installer here  or from path