Kjartan Akil Jónsson

Automation is key

As our daily expectations of material consumtion

increase. We need local solutions to develop on demand production. The game plan is this

  1. Automate and simplify sofware development
  2. Effective warehousing for local storage
  3. Local production on demand

has been the project manager of since desember 2009 and done it in style.

- Hjörtur Grétarsson, CTO Reykjavik City



CEO aGameCompany ehf

  2005 - Present  

The company has won several prices in Icelandic game competitions. As well as releasing popular games on several platforms including Facebook, Android and IOs.

Software architect

  2006 - 2013 

Project manager in exchanging paper invoices to electronic invoice for receiving, sending and internal management. Awarded the EDI cup by Icepro.
Architect of electronic parking tickets system for the Reykjavik Parking Service using mobile phones.
Other major projects include integration of third party software solution and banking invoices and ERP System upgrades.

Icelandic Standards

  2009 - 2013  

Member of Executive Councile and participant in technical Committee implementing CEN/BII Electronic Invoice and Credit Invoices. As part of working for Reykjavik City as project manager replacing paper invoices with electronic invoices.

University of Iceland

  2003 - 2008  

With focus on artificial intelligence I completed Bacholor of Science and Master of Science at the University of Iceland.

During this time I created my own game engine using OGRE3D, Havok physics engine and OpenAL downloadable here.

Creating a Motor Race game I was trying to figure out the optimal game play when I wrote my BS on "Tuning physics based systems using Interactive Evolution". 

Within this enviroment I wrote my MS thesis on using this framework as an AI playground for robotics called "3D framework for machine learning"


About Me

Icelandic born, half Indien male cam screaming into this world in 1976. Moved shortly there after to Sweden where I spent 9 years in Bro, Stockholm.

Later relocated to Iceland where after three years we returned to Sweden. But this time we moved to Nybro. There I went to school in Madesjöskolan and Åkrahäll skolan. Learning merchandising until my graduation at 18.

Shortly there after I pursued my intereset in computers and computer programming. Since release of Quake 1 I wanted to learn the dark arts og game programming. That resulted in further education in Linköping. 

Moved to Iceland for a change of scenery and worked for diverse startups I decided to go to University of Iceland computer programming. Specifically learning artificial intelligence.

With this knowledge I decided to create aGameCompany ehf persuing my love of creating complex computer programs like games. 


Drawn to the challenge of complex problems. I aim to create simple solutions that people love to use.

And there are plenty of problems to choose from.